Monday, 11 January 2016

No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion

No7 beautiful skin cleansing lotion cotton pads liz earls cloth magazine
No7 beautiful skin cleansing lotion cotton pads liz earls cloth magazine

Well today I've tried the Boots No7 Cleansing lotion. As my skin is obviously more mature than Olivia's and currently a little bit dry I was hoping this was going to be nice rich & creamy & I wasn't let down. The packaging is nice, easy to use & minimalistic which I like, it comes in a 200ml bottle with a pump action dispenser. I did find I had to use quite a lot though to get rid of all my make up.  I don't wear tons of make up so was quite surprised at how long it took me to get it all off. It did come off pretty easily but after using two cotton pads I'd already got a bit bored!  This product is hypo-allergenic but I found it stung around my eyes which my L'oreal Age Perfect wipes do not!
At £9.50 a bottle it works out a lot cheaper than buying a packet of wipes every month but if you enjoy the whole process of cleansing & toning then I'd say it's worth a try. 
If like me your after a faster job, ease of use & a lot less hassle than pumping & buying cleansing pads that often leave little bits of fluff all over your face then stick to wipes. 
No7 is a quality item but on this occasion not for me.

No7 beautiful skin cleansing lotion cotton pads liz earls cloth magazine

I tried this for the first time just over a year ago and fell in love, it removed my makeup and was gentle on my skin so I couldn't ask for much more. I have combination skin so I always look for a cleanser that doesn't make my skin feel and look greasy but smooths my skin and this definitely ticks those boxes. Over time I have found though that now I wear more makeup it can take around 4-5 cotton pads to remove it all and after a while it does sting the area around my eyes but it's great for removing waterproof mascara which is something I find I struggle to get with cleansers. I always use a toner after using this as you aren't meant to leave it on the skin and instantly moisturise to hydrate my skin overnight. For younger skin it does keep skin hydrated and smooth and doesn't sit on the skin for long once applied. For £9.50 I can't really complain, I definitely think there are probably better cleansers out there but if you're on a budget this would be the perfect option!

You can buy the cleanser here!


  1. Ah it's a shame you guys didn't like this much! It's my favorite cleanser! I swear since I started using it (a couple of years ago) my skin is so much better! A lot less spots and it's not so dru anymore! I normally use a face brush with it tho first and then cotton pads and it works wonders!


    1. I'm glad you like it and I can see why but it was really stingy around our eyes. Still love No7 though they do quality products xxx

  2. I've never used or even heard of a face brush what exactly do you do with them & what are they good for?


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