Friday, 8 January 2016

Rave to the grave

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Hi everybody, well this is my first ever blog, i came up with the idea a few months ago but finally we decided to do it whilst out dining in Gusto Liverpool with Olivia. Ive always been fascinated by her blog and thought it would be great to share with everyone the complete opposite versions of a 20 & 42 year old mother & daughters opinion on virtually anything.  We are like Yin & Yang, light & dark, little & large, both the same but totally different. One thing that doesn't differ though is our love passion encouragement and love for each other.  I'm very proud of Olivia and I'm really looking forward to sharing this experience with her and you.

Something we both love is food hence why neither of us are skinny minis!!  Who wouldn't love the perfect body?  Im sorry, id love that but i love my life, I'm a huge socialiser/party animal and your only put on this earth once so im making the most of my time and all the lovely food and drink that comes with it.  Life's all about balance, obviously I'm not obese but i choose to balance my fun with a curvy size 14-16 figure.  Ive been trying to lose that stone i put on in the last few years, well for the last few years!  Just try keeping me in at the weekend, never gonna happen......
Both of us are totally obsessed with toiletries, anything that makes us look good or smell good is always a winner.  We are constantly borrowing each others products and reviewing them with each other, obviously as we are both at very different stages in our life every product has a different effect on each of us and that's what we would like to share with you.  What is good for one person is often not for the other.  As i am 42 and have more disposable income i can buy more expensive high end products but I'm constantly looking for that one item that is just as good and half the price.  Between us both we are hoping to discover these items and let you know how we are getting on in our search for the best products for your age range and the best value.

My favourite brand is Christian Dior and Ive found it never fails me, i look forward to hearing many other peoples ideas and opinions.  Ive yet to find the perfect concealer after 25 years of looking, not one covers my what appears to be "two black eyes"!!  I cannot tell you how many times I've been asked have you got a black eye!!!!   Ermmmmmmmm NO!!! lol
Id love to try out a product by a brand called Thin Lizzy, apparently their concealer is the bomb but so far its not available in the UK ;-(  Id love to know which concealers you think work best. Personally i think Touche Eclat isn't a patch on my Max Factor one but as with everything in life its horses for courses.
Im completely fashion obsessed and wanted to be a fashion designer when i was young.  Sadly i never followed my dreams but i can still love watching all the fashion houses.  My favourite shops are All Saints, Zara & River Island as they match my income.  If money was no object id be Balmained up to death. I also adore Victoria Beckhams clothes and Vivian Westwood is a total artist. but i wont go into fashion as ill be here all day!
Hope ive not bored you to death, im sure ill learn as i go along, thank you for reading my first blog and i hope to bring you lots of reviews and info with some great ideas soon.  Take care and keep spreading peace and love to all xxx

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  1. Brilliant first blog, was so lovely to read & I'm looking forward to many more bog posts. I really enjoyed reading and I wish you both well on this journey.
    LisaG @ XoX

  2. Thank you Lisa that's really kind. I really hope you continue to enjoy them. I look forward to learning how to use this more & reading your posts. Xxx


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