Friday, 8 January 2016

The Ravers Daughter

Throwing it back a few years with this picture of us in Greece! 

Hello! I'm Liv, I'm 20 (Soon to be 21 in April! EEK!) and I'm Beauty, Fashion, Food, Drink and dance obsessed! I have my own little corner of the internet here but my mum has been saying to me for months to do a blog with her and as good as an idea as it is we just never got round to it, but tonight we finally did! This gives so many people the chance to see reviews on products, fashion absolutely anything but from two completely different perspectives who happen to live under the same roof! Me and my mum are SO close, were like best friends and I am really excited to be doing this blog with her!

Following on from my mum I will go into what I love briefly. A few of my favorite brands are LUSH, Urban Decay, MAC, Real Techniques and Forever 21! I'm plus size in a 22-24 whereas my mum is an average size 14-16 so I do shop in different shops like Simply Be or in Plus size sections of shops. At the minute I am trying to shift the weight and be healthier so hopefully we will see more River Island on me soon! I love to bake too so you never know I could drag mum into baking for a few posts no promises though! I love to party just like my mum, I have the rave gene in me and I am so incredibly proud of my mums success with organising her raves. Anyone who knows Quadrent Park knows raving. I go to all her events and don't ask what I remember because I don't! I usually remember the first few hours but the rest is a blur especially NYE!

I have no idea what else to write other than right now the blog is obviously just starting up so a Bloglovin will follow soon for you to follow us on and I am just hoping people like the idea and follow us on this fabulous journey! I am far too excited! 

Get to know my mum here!




  1. Really great blog post Liv, your blogs are fab. What an exciting journey for other of you & your mum to share. It's fantastic :) XoX

  2. Wow you and your mum look so young! Skin tips please haha. All the best on this new journey and look forward to it as I'm in the middle of your ages
    Carrieanne X


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