Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Vitamin C Moisturiser For Dull, Grumpy Skin

The body shop Vitamin C moisturiser
The body shop Vitamin C moisturiser

Olivia's been telling me for ages how amazing the Body Shops Vitamin C moisturuser is so I thought I'd try it out for a few days. My skin looks really tired and dry at the minute and as im abit worn out i was looking for a skin boost. I loved the bright orange packaging which looks quite cool and minimalist and the rather unusual orange moisturiser which smelt amazing & didn't hurt my skin but soothed it. It's more of a thick clear liquid consistency than a cream & comes in a nice 50ml pot. Anyway I popped it on after my bath and off I went to bed. 

Not sure if I was hoping for a miracle as it says on the tub that it's for grumpy skin, especially as I'm currently feeling abit grumpy I was hoping that it might fix that to but sadly not 🙈😂. I did though wake up with brighter more vibrant skin 🙌🎉☺️ I decided to use it again the next day and night and my skin is looking & feeling much happier. It's not a product you would use on its own but maybe alongside a creamy moisturiser or serum. Olivia doesn't need to do this as her skin is quite oily but if you suffer with dry or aging skin I'd advise a richer cream alongside it. It's not an expensive or luxurious product but it's definately worthy of a purchase. The product I currently use Loccitanes Immortelle Devine would be massively hard to beat but at £70 a pot it's not exactly cheap. The Body Shop is giving it a good little run for its money though. 

The body shop Vitamin C moisturiser girlgang patch

I've had this moisturiser for months and sworn by it. I've had compliments on my skin looking more fresh and in general better so there is no wonder I've sworn by it. Not only does it smell beyond amazing it is probably one of the best moisturises I own. I usually have to pop around 5 dots on my face to completely cover it but this pot has lasted me months so it's well worth the £16 ! I will say over time I've noticed it can take a bit longer than other moisturisers to sink into my skin but I use this every morning so I apply it before I go make my coffee so it has time to dry before I apply makeup. 

My foundation sits a lot better and blends a hell of a lot better when I use this and my skin always looks smooth so I can't praise it enough! To say it helps dull, tired skin I'm not lying, teenage skin can be a nightmare (although I'm 20) I still struggle with my combination skin, I think my skin still things in a teenager! This doesn't break me out or make my skin more oily which is something I constantly look for in a product. With an exam coming up and being quite anxious recently I have been using this a hell of a lot more and I am super thankful for it at the minute!

You can buy the Vitamin D moisturiser here! 

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